Alkaline is a scale of 1 to 14 measuring the PH of a liquid typically water. it is a logarithmic scale which means the difference between 1 point is 10 times different. So if you have 3 points difference, you’re going to be 1000 times more or less alkaline or acidic. 

So a 7 is considered base, thats neutral. anything above 7 is alkaline anything below 7 is acidic. 

PH stands for Potential Hydrogen










The answer to this question is yes, and here is why.....

Your blood needs to be aproximatley a 7.365 PH, and your blood has to fight to stay alkaline. Most of our diets are acidic unless you are a raw vegan. But food and water are not the only contributors to making you more acidic. Constant stress can make you acidic, and even over exercising can make you acidic due to the release of lactic acid.  

Basically what you’re doing is forcing your blood to work harder, which is creating exhaustion, its causing your blood to pull calcium from your bones and magnesium from your eyes to balance itself so you can stay alive. 

So you are literally robbing your self, so its very important to stay as alkaline as you can. 



Best way to stay alkalised is eating a green diet, drink Kangen water, and stay away from

meat and processed foods, as they will pull you towards your acidic side.



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